How does it work

We offer fulfillment services as an additional improvement in the service of foreign buyers.
Warehousing of products in our centre allows faster shipping after receiving the order.

  • 1. Stock shipping

    The stock that is intended for cross-border sales is sent by the seller himself or his supplier to our location in UK. Goods can be delivered bulk in any form – in cartons or on pallets.

    1. Stock shipping
  • 2. Storage entry

    Our employees accept the stock in the centre in Poland and put the goods on the shelves. All products should have a visible identification code on the manufacturer’s packaging. Records are entered into the system.

    2. Storage entry
  • 3. Receiving orders

    Order data is added by the seller to the GLOBAL24 system: manually, by CSV import or integration.

    3. Receiving orders
  • 4. Order fulfillment

    According to accepted orders, our employees assemble packages, generate labels, print them and stick them. Orders placed by 10 am are prepared and sent on the same day.

    4. Order fulfillment
  • 5. Shipping

    On the same day, with our shipping services, parcels are transported abroad.

    5. Shipping
  • 6. Return handling

    Returns that we received with our return handling services go to our centre in Poland.

    6. Return handling
  • 7. Identification and classification

    GLOBAL24 employees identify buyers who returned products and evaluate the status of return. Information about returns is entered to the system and sent to the seller.

    7. Identification and classification
  • 8. Restocking

    If the returned products are suitable for resale, they return to the appropriate shelves in our warehouse, and the inventory is modified accordingly.

    8. Restocking
  • 9. Sending returns back

    In the case of goods in any way infringed, they are sent back to the seller or its suppliers.

    9. Sending returns back


  • Speed x2

    If the order was placed before 10 am, shipping the parcel in Germany and Poland is possible on the same day. In case of orders from Great Britain and France, shipments are sent on the next day.

  • Multichannel

    Fulfillment with us is an opportunity to deliver goods to a foreign buyers through a variety of sales channels. We receive orders placed on the e-stores and through numerous marketplaces: Ebay, Amazon, Cdiscount, DaWanda, Etsy etc.

  • Dropshipping

    We can also perform fulfillment services in an “agile” model, in which orders are processed immediately after receiving the goods from the supplier. The right amount of each product from the supplier or manufacturer provided to us at night are complete, packed and labelled by received orders by our employees in the morning.

  • Full control

    The whole process of fulfillment is supervised by independent software with online access and a fulfilment manager, whom you can contact by phone and e-mail. Information on shipments and returns is available in the GOGLOBAL24 system.

  • Outsourcing

    Fulfillment means outsourcing of logistic services in a wide range. The seller does not have to worry about running a warehouse, packing and securing shipments.

How much is it?

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