How does it work

GOreturns is a new dimension of international returns service. This offer is independent of our shipping services, carried out with the help of an additional, easy-to-use online system. It supervises the return process and optimizes communication with the buyer.

  • 1. Receiving the order

    The buyer receives his order and information from the seller about the possibility of returning by GOreturns, in the form of a link to the individual GOreturns panel or return address in his country.

    1. Receiving the order
  • 2. Packing and labelling

    Depending on the seller’s return policy and his decision, the buyer receives a paid label in the GOreturns panel or just the return address information. The buyer packs the product and sticks the label or orders the courier on his own.

    2. Packing and labelling
  • 3. Sending the return

    The buyer gives the package the local courier and sends it there. Scanning the paid label by a courier immediately changes status in the system.

    3. Sending the return
  • 4. Receiving the return

    We accept the return shipment at our location in the buyer’s country and enter the data from the label into the system.

    4. Receiving the return
  • 5. International transport

    Returns from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy are transported to the headquarters GOGLOBAL24.

    5. International transport
  • 6. Temporary storage

    In our logistic centre we have prepared shelves for each of our partners. There, returns are waiting to be sent to their warehouses in UK.

    6. Temporary storage
  • 7. Sending returns back

    In accordance with GOreturns panel settings, we ship parcels with returns, to partner’s warehouse in UK.

    7. Sending returns back


  • Customer service automation

    The GOreturns system provides buyers a panel to declare the return and eliminates the need for additional communication in this area. It is also not necessary to send a return label, because depending on the settings, it can be immediately available in the buyer’s panel.

  • Most important markets

    GOreturns service includes the five largest European e-commerce markets: Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

  • Flexibility

    The method of service, availability of free returns and other parameters are available as settings at any time in the system. You can, among other things, set the frequency of sending back the returns to your warehouse.

  • Full control

    The GOreturns system clearly shows all the information about the returns we handle. It gives access to their current status and details from buyers’ declarations.

  • Low costs

    The rates we offer are the best alternative to a typical international courier service. What is more, they are visible in the GOreturns system itself and they decrease along with returns quantity.

How much is it?


    GoReturns service is available for buyers from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

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